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Position: Deputy General Manager
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Payroll: 10K-40k

Job Responsibilities:

1, coordination and communication with the company directors, securities, law firms, accounting firms, various intermediaries and investors as well as the relevant government departments and other listed services agency partnerships;

2, handle information disclosure, urging the company to develop and implement internal reporting system, information disclosure and material information management system, to promote the company and related parties to fulfill disclosure obligations according to law and apply to the stock exchange periodic reports and interim accordance with relevant provisions disclosure reports;

3, according to legal procedures preparatory meeting of the board of directors and shareholders, to prepare and submit for consideration by the board of directors and shareholders of the document;

4, the coordination between the company and investors, investor visits, answering investor consulting companies to disclose information to investors;

5, responsible for external financing, IPO planning and coordination responsible for internal coordination and standardize management company is responsible for equity investment projects;

6, establish and improve the financial management system, the daily management of the financial sector, the annual budget, financial operations and other overall control.

7 to assist directors, supervisors and other senior management staff for information disclosure of the relevant laws, regulations, rules, regulations, stock exchange and other provisions of the Articles of Association, the listing agreement and details about their legal liability.


1. Bachelor's degree or above, with financial, accounting, legal, economic and related fields;

2, good communication skills, with strict work attitude, strong sense of responsibility

3, familiar with financial, tax, legal, writing

4, with a high sense of confidentiality.

Corporate welfare:

1: paid leave

2: Line Bonus

3: Five insurance payments

4: Performance Bonus

5: Employee Travel

5: Holiday Gift

Job Application method:

Applicants need to send your resume to, message subject "candidates + job title."

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