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Position: Deputy General Manager
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Payroll: 5K-15k


1, business management, business management, administration and other related professional full-time undergraduate degree or above, more than five years of management experience.

2, with a modern enterprise leadership ability to co-ordinate the overall leadership of the enterprise; grasp the essence of advanced enterprise management mode and, with advanced management concepts. At the same time, the management team has strong leadership skills and ability; good at firing subordinates, stress teamwork, ambition;

3, strong organizational ability to work, able to develop the company's development strategic planning, business plans, business development plans;

4, strong communication and negotiation skills, with keen market awareness, the ability to grasp the market dynamics and direction of the market, with a forward-thinking strategy.

Job Responsibilities:

1 assist decision making the company's development strategy, which is responsible for the functional areas within the company's short-term and long-term decision-making and strategy, and the company in the long achievement of the goals have a significant impact;

2 to assist the president / general manager of business development objectives to develop, plan, implement and coordinate the deployment of the implementation of the various departments;

3, bringing together internal and external information and market information, competitors and so on, can conduct a comprehensive analysis to help business development;

4, to help President / General Manager of the company's various operations guidance, command, supervision, management, and implementation of procedures, work instructions;

5, presided over the general manager office meeting convened, inspection, supervision and coordination of the progress of various departments to coordinate and guide the department manager's job;

6, is responsible for its daily transaction processing and coordination with public affairs.

Corporate welfare:

1: paid leave

2: Line Bonus

3: Five insurance payments

4: Performance Bonus

5: Employee Travel

5: Holiday Gift

Job Application method:

Applicants need to send your resume to, message subject "candidates + job title."

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