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Position: Director of Development Plant
Time:2016/7/4 17:48:02 Visits: 

Payroll: 5K-15k

Job Requirements:

1, more than three years of industry experience, undergraduate or above;

2, have a certain business negotiation experience and ability;

3 for the photovoltaic industry subsidies, has distributed photovoltaic power plants or ground experience is preferred;

4, there have been calls photovoltaic ground and distributed project record handling experience preferred;

5, with the photovoltaic or wind power projects and other network access license handling experience preferred;

6, there are individual priority projects distributed resources.

Corporate welfare:

1: paid leave

2: Line Bonus

3: Five insurance payments

4: Performance Bonus

5: Employee Travel

5: Holiday Gift

Job Application method:

Applicants need to send your resume to, message subject "candidates + job title."

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