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You must be careful of the scams about photovoltaic power generation loans!
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  Photovoltaic power generation is growing rapidly under the impetus of the state, and many people can't help wanting to earn profits. The crooks certainly wouldn't let this opportunity pass, so the trick of installing a power station without the people's money came.

 Today, the author will show you some deception:

  A PZ(swindlers) company called zero Shoufu, people do not need to pay the installation, only need to cooperate with people, go to the bank signed a loan agreement to build a power station in the roof, the loan for the month paid by generating income, if the income is not enough power for the month, then by Swindlers company for the month, the loan for 10 years. 10 years of household electricity for free, 10 years after the station free of charge transferred to the head of the household.

  It sounds like a very attractive project. People don't have to pay any fees to get a free power station in 10 years. It's a great way to make a fortune!

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  Liar more clever place is to tell you, the first ten years he holds a power station, the first ten years of income to him and the bank, 15 years after the return of the head of the household, sounds reasonable, the liar is the first ten years to hold the power station to obtain income!

 But seriously, you will know, liar PZ company said that if the electricity income is not enough, he took the initiative to help you repay the loan.

That's the problem. Since the power generation is not enough to pay for the month, where does the Swindlers Company'earnings come from?

 Is the PZ(Swindlers Company) company so selfless? Obviously not. What about the routine of the liar?

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  The PZ company's routines are divided into two steps:

  One. PZ company promised you do not need to pay for power stations, you can also use electricity free of charge. PZ company will sign a fake contract with you, and usually sign the contract for about 10 yuan. For example, 5KW power station, the price is 50 thousand yuan.

  Two. PZ, the general use of inferior materials after installation (and maybe tell you is a first-line brand, and even claimed to be imported), installed after the power supply bureau to purchase contract, with head to signing the loan agreement with the bank, the bank is generally a 30% down payment, loan 70%. When the loan agreement was signed, there was no head of household. At this time, PZ company from the bank to get the contract amount of 70% of the loan, that is, 50 thousand *70% =3.5 million. What is the concept of 35 thousand? Converted down to 7 yuan / watt. At this time, crooks generally use inferior photovoltaic components and other low-cost equipment, the cost may be only 25 thousand, or even lower, PZ companies earn more than 10 thousand. That's the biggest gain for a cheater.

  Again, someone asked, using inferior materials, a liar will give the show away? This is the core point of this scam, because the first 10 years to get the power household income, household electricity only feel that they do not spend money on the line, not to mention how much power, how much is the generation of income, households can not see.

  PZ only need to ensure the normal power for 3 years, in this 3 years, the biggest goal of PZ company is cheat more people to loan installed on the line, households earn ten thousand to 1 thousand households, Fudge can earn 10 million, their general plan is 3 years gone.

  At this time the risk came out, PZ fired power plants, the amount of inferior materials can not be guaranteed, too much economic benefits, let alone 25 annual revenue, 10 years are estimated to stand up, owe the bank loan for the month who is?

  Needless to say, the signature of the householder, the householder slowly return it!

  At this time, the pie in the sky killed the head of the household!

  PS: there is more bad Swindlers Company owners to pay 3000 yuan installation fee, this belongs to deceive Genghen, not only let you lie to you a few years after the loan, you also cheated 3000 yuan in cash.

  In short, a word: there is no pie in the sky, even if there is also used to kill you liar, please the people to polish their eyes!

(originated from Shang Jie electric power)

  Although the photovoltaic industry has huge potential and has a large number of markets that have not been tapped, so many PZ companies will continue to emerge. However, there are still strong regular companies.

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  (2) service promise

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  (3) management concept;

To enable customers to use the company's R & D of new technologies, new products, and its commercialization, to maximize energy-saving emission reduction, so as to create the greatest economic benefits. Let you idle place to help you make money!

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